Who Can Benefit from Reflexology

Reflexology is a gentle non-invasive therapy from which almost everyone can benefit,

whatever their age or state of health. It has been found beneficial to the elderly who may

have arthritic and mobility difficulties, to babies with colic, and for varied acute and chronic

conditions in adults and children. This therapy, being holistic, treats the whole person rather

than specific symptoms, and patients may take reflexology alongside conventional medical treatment.

Pam treating a client 

Reflexology is a deeply relaxing therapy and has been found beneficial for those affected by stress.

Work related stress and anxiety have become more prevelant in the current economic climate.

Untreated this may lead to depression and physical illness.

The benefits of Reflexology are recognised by the NHS who may offer it to patients undergoing treatment for cancer.

Certain groups of people, such as those suffering from digestive disorders, 

frequently report improvement following Reflexology treatment. In 1992 a Danish study showed that  85%

of women participating reported positive improvements in their condition.

Women suffering discomfort during the menopause may find Reflexology of benefit. In 2002 a study was

conducted at the University of Exeter where a group of such women received either Reflexology or Foot Massage.

Relief from symptoms was reported by the recipients of each treatment.

Similarly,  Diabetics, who experience painful neuropathy have found Reflexology of help in alleviating this condition.

The Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre recommend Reflexology treatment for MS sufferers. For further information

please visit the following web site: www.msrc.co.uk .

A 2016 report in Massage Magazine of a research project showed Reflexology to be of benefit in reducing fatigue for MS patients.

The Times newspaper has reported on investigations into insomnia using complementary therapies, and 

Reflexology was found to be especially beneficial. The report appeared in the Saturday 27th November 2004

edition of the Times, in their Body and Soul supplement. 

On-line Advice

If you have a specific ailment and would like information on how Reflexology may be of help please use

the 'CONTACT ME' tab to email me your details. I will also let you know of any appropriate case studies or

research involving Reflexology that might be pertinent.

 Video Demonstration

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